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Policy control has introduced the investment enthusiasm of shops and offices s
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Colliers International the latest market data shows that since the fourth quarter last year, mainland China and Hong Kong real estate investment soared 115%. Expected the first quarter of 2101, the bulk will be more active in real estate investment, investment objectives by steering home office. Pick up the second half of 2009, market sentiment and the steady economic recovery in the region continue to benefit from the property investment market, trading volume starting from the first quarter of 2009 from a rebound; the second quarter of 2009 compared with the fourth quarter, mainland China and the bulk of real estate properties in Hong Kong rose 115% turnover, to 88.4 billion U.S. dollars. The report notes that although the Central Government has introduced measures to curb the overheated property speculation, the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong in the second half of the property in 2009, still achieved a significant trading volume increases, deep-pocketed investors still tend to make investments in real estate get good returns. Colliers International Asia Regional Director, Hu Xiao direct investment in that market, although I have to face many challenges, including the rate of net assets continued to shrink, local governments to tighten credit, real estate financing and other high risk premium, but with more Western investment institutions and funds into the Asian market, the positive market sovereign wealth funds, the current market sentiment is expected to continue well into 2010. For mainland China, although the return on capital fell, and control measures taken by the Government to curb the overheated property market speculation, but investors interested in investment in domestic real estate market continued in liquidity, economic outlook and monetary policy led lower risk , domestic investors and foreign funds will continue to attract quality projects sought after. Currently, the property control policy has started to weaken the housing market, investors are transferred to the investment enthusiasm of office and retail markets.