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Beijing is the largest commercial real estate acquisitions and investment in t
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Yesterday, China's first commercial real estate and investment fund acquired the high office project in Beijing Gold Australia International, although the acquisition did not disclose the specific amount, but the acquisition of an area of 60,000 square meters is enough to make this transaction as the Beijing property market today In the largest merger. Insiders analyzed that the Olympic Games, World Expo and the Asian Games that Beijing, Shanghai and the three commercial real estate heating up, attracting a large number of private capital to accelerate investment. Private capital to switch to commercial real estate It is understood that the acquisition of the high and investment areas where the gold is Australia International Olympic district, China South China Building, Poly and other large central enterprises have made in the central business district sites. The rules and the acquisition Mode compared to its trading identity of the subject even more market attention. According to public information display, gold in Australia and the international rule of home ownership by the central enterprises to complete the development and the high and investment is a capital formation by private real estate private equity fund. In response, the industry said that by the speed of cash flow Factors, the commercial real estate for large state-owned enterprises before the main development, but with better regulation of the housing market, the influx of private capital began to focus on commercial real estate. In addition to high and investment in addition, before 2009 known as the only residential Vanke Has just won the Kerry Center in Beijing acquisition, the current number of cities in the country within the commercial real estate investment totaled about 260 billion. Three hot commercial real estate event reminder Affected by the regulation of the housing market, housing prices in Beijing Olympic Games in Beijing pull effect is not direct, but that commercial real estate heating up. The acquired gold Australia International, and its surrounding World Trade Center, Pangu Plaza (on the Forum news video), etc. have been included in the rent office space at 8 yuan / square meter. The real estate group due to the regulation of Wenzhou, in the Shanghai World Expo in Shanghai have begun to turn to commercial real estate investment, a conservative estimate from residential to commercial Funding of up to hundreds of billions. With the Asian Games held in Guangzhou, Guangzhou is also the potential for more commercial real estate capital concern. At present, known as "the first district of South China," the Guangzhou Tianhe district is expansion. In addition, Wanda Plaza and 5 with the white clouds No apron appeared, Baiyun District, business is expected to be enhanced, while the town of Panyu district will also increase because of the high-end commercial projects and spending environment. Professionals believe that the Olympic Games, World Expo and Asian Games on Beijing, Shanghai and three to promote a strong real estate, urban infrastructure investment than the three originally planned to speed a few years. However, due to the severe impact of control measures, These effects can not be transmitted to the residential market, private investors flock to so focus on commercial real estate projects.