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National League three quarterly results for the low purchase of luxury office
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Although the third quarter performance of the company reversed early losses, but the single-season performance of 0.21 yuan per share, still below market expectations. Despite the operating results after the listing of the embarrassment of not growing, but still notice the recent League of Nations Fisheries, to be Funds raised will be used over 52 million yuan in Guangzhou Economic Area Headquarters Building, U.S. Department of Grade A purchase of 1,600 square meters of office space and facilities. League of Nations Fisheries (SZ: 300094) New price: 15.40 0.41 2.74% market trends company news bulletin large single-track positions in the cost of equity capital flows, superior early warning of a stock brokerage analysts predict that motor ability tests for For the production and processing enterprises, do not do a good job operating the work, but the use of ultra raise lots of funds in the purchase of luxury office space, is entirely typical of blind money, and this third quarter results were disappointing. Fisheries Development recently announced that the League plans to raise funds with over 5200 million in the United States Department of Guangzhou Pearl River New City Building, 1633.77 square meters of office space acquisition and other supporting facilities, of which 45.75 million yuan for the purchase and installation site Repair work, equipment acquisition cost 4.7 million yuan, taxes and unforeseen costs related to 1.55 million. It is understood that the proposed acquisition of the League of Nations Department of Fisheries Building in Guangzhou Zhujiang New City, United States, the average price of 26,000 yuan rough housing / square meter, the property management costs 15 yuan / square meter / month. League of Nations in a financial Web site right fish stocks, many investors have expressed their anger, there are investors that do not get results, but also take shareholder money to buy a house, in the Nov. 9 general meeting of the day, we unite Vote against it. On the one hand the proposed acquisition of luxury office space, the other performance of the company is always unhappy. From yesterday, the company announced three quarterly perspective, performance is still below expectations. Aquatic three quarterly League of Nations in the third quarter operating income of 469 million, with Increase of 14.85% over, but the net profit of 60.24 million yuan, a decrease of 12.01% year on year earnings per share of 0.21 yuan, only the first three quarters of earnings per share of 0.18 yuan. Office of the League of Nations, told reporters Aquatic securities, although the peak season for the third quarter, the consumer, but in the upstream raw material prices rose, while the smaller end products and the price increase under the influence of exchange rate fluctuations, resulting in the third quarter of this year Performance year on year decline, and these factors may affect the company's fourth quarter production and management. Analysts said a broker, the third quarter of 0.21 yuan / share the results of lower than expected fourth-quarter less likely to be improved.