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Black sheep industry expands headquarters base
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Property name: Black sheep industry expands number of source of headquarters base room: Sell10099379 2008-10-06 09:37:09
Decorate a circumstance: Medium decorate trade area: 412.67 ㎡
Area: Black sheep area quotes: 5300 yuan / ㎡
Address: Become flying highway into Wen Lu 1 14 502
Property type: Payment of pure office building:
What belong to trade group: Do not be restricted floor: The 5th, in all 0
Content runs cost: 3 yuan / ㎡ / lunar air conditioning: Central air conditioning
Develop business: Believe house property elevator of government of black sheep district: 2
Content runs a company: Fiber-optic: Have
Standard layer is tall: 3 meters of cars cost: 0 yuan / month
Total floor area: Digit of car of 0.0 ㎡ measures: 4
Standard level accumulates: Fire control of security personnel of 0.0 ㎡: Have
Circumjacent form a complete set:
Complement explains: Additionally 80 make the same score rice gazebo more (without property right) , 1900 yuan / smooth rice

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