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Times square
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Property name: Number of source of times square room: Sell100993453 2008-10-06 09:34:53
Decorate a circumstance: Luxurious decorate trade area: 391.83 ㎡
Area: Area of bright and beautiful river quotes: 16000 yuan / ㎡
Address: Road of total government office 2
Property type: Payment of pure office building:
What belong to trade group: Chun Xi business encircles floor: The 17th, in all 30
Content runs cost: 0 yuan / ㎡ / lunar air conditioning: Central air conditioning
Develop business: Elevator: 0
Content runs a company: Fiber-optic: Have
Standard layer is tall: 0 meters of cars cost: 0 yuan / month
Total floor area: Digit of car of 0.0 ㎡ measures: 0
Standard level accumulates: Fire control of security personnel of 0.0 ㎡: Have
Circumjacent form a complete set: Be located in Chun Xi business to encircle, be located in shopping mall of red star road, very urban CBD core encircles circumjacent commerce to develop: General merchandise of red of power of well of king government office, Pacific Ocean, Yi. Road of total government office, east the traffic along the line such as road of ave, red star makes traffic achieves a gender first-rate. Provide lift of 8 brands high speed, avoid to await elevator trouble for long. Door model upright and foursquare, daylighting is good, inspect an eye to widen.
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