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TOWN apartment in May open quotation all valence 17500 yuan / square metre
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A-Z Town 3 period comprise by 4 board buildings and a bazaar, roll out a building first, for 18 board buildings, door model 60 square metre occupy the area to 140 square metre 3 house. 2 period carry out door area two house reach 160 square metre 200 square metre 4 house, among them with 160 square metre 3 house are given priority to, all valence 21000 yuan / square metre, clothbound is repaired, entered in July 2008. Lump-sum payment 9.7 fold, the bank is mortgaged 9.9 fold.

The project is located in living area of center of CBD the eastpart part. Regard sunny area main force as the sunny road of the path, will as report of CCTV, north east change, become the ” of highway of “ international medium of be worthy of the name, investment, appreciate latent capacity extremely. This project is located in area of Beijing rising sun east bazaar of the Hua Tang outside 4 annulus east dypass, boreal side and sunny road are linked together cheek by jowl; Track of underground of the eastpart part of upright distance city is main south the project change hub -- 4 benefit station, 4 Hui Dong stations are not worth ten minutes on foot.

A-Z TOWN loves this city 3 period apartment on May 1, 2008 open quotation, all valence 17500 yuan / square metre, far under before 19000 yuan when announce / square metre, clothbound is repaired. The project is located in the rising sun 10 lis of fort one, cubage is led 2.8, property expends 3.2 yuan / square metre / month, the end of the year was entered 2008.

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