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II of highway of BDA international enterprise
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II of highway of BDA international enterprise, always cover an area of an area to make an appointment with 54 thousand M² , total floor area makes an appointment with 190 thousand M² , by 16 7-18 layer alone building and place of a large meeting, strewn at random have the composition that send the ground group of a super construction; Every 3-4 building monomer is surrounded close position, comprised 5 buildings to form a delegation jointly.  

In designing a program, II of highway of BDA international enterprise, plan to go up for fruit mountain oasis alone headquarters group and business flagship. With “ enterprise oasis, zoology home ” is design gist, make symbiosis and the business modes of life and relation to their environment that win more with “ , the entrepreneur garden ” that creates money wisdom production is strategy, set out from business demand, extremely custom-built those who reveal a gender is sex of rich independent character, flexibility, zoology, mark sex, exclusive value space.  

Independent character: Every enterprise is had exclusive alone the function such as old hall of office space, independence, passageway, elevator, the enterprise coronal name that has independence counterpoises, can satisfy the office requirement with company headquarters close, independent illicit.  

Flexibility: Building monomer is on smooth layer and perpendicular direction but free fractionation, combination, it is owner obligate decorate stretch space 2 times, offerred the possibility that suits industry personality demand and infinite development.  

Zoology sex: Innovation designs double and stereo afforest, have sink the landscape window design such as corridor of day of oasis of mountain of type court, fruit, green, roof garden, constitute business modes of life and relation to their environment achieve wisdom space, can utmost arouses employee originality inspiration.  

Mark sex: Advantageous relief and 16 alone the construction group each shining more brilliantly in the other's company that builds monomer composition, the mark sex building that is as high as 88 meters and the meeting place that have contemporary feeling extremely form core of development business affairs to take pair of scene terminus, illume area landscape while the ground bid that your enterprise makes everybody fix eyes upon.  

Reveal a gender: Construction group faces a city to form business affairs to reveal belt, at the same time every alone all have distinctive image to show a side, with the building exterior, interior space shows company value jointly, be an enterprise reveal conduct propaganda to offer a variety of places and way.

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