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De Shengkai square coming back May open quotation
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De Shengkai square coming back is located in Xi Chengde to get the better of the core of business affairs area, wai Street of side edge heart is gone to on the west north arrives directly at equestrian pasture bridge, with De Shengshang city, heart gets the better of area of center of garden of science and technology to lie between market phase to look. By A, B, C3 the building is formed, accumulate above the ground 60 thousand smooth rice, total floor area 80 thousand smooth rice. Among them A for high-grade 5A office building, c it is 3 alone office building, to contemporary company, the heart that faces a market completely gets the better of triumphal square to have the figure of rare to show value. B build service boarding house for clothbound, 40-90 makes the same score the dimensional layout of rice, door model upright and foursquare, daylighting is enough, stand on the city, enjoy form a complete set of urban center much resource thoroughly, no matter be,invest, all be the choice of rare. The project predicts formal in May 2008 open quotation.

De Shengkai square coming back in May open quotation

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