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Look at new ground all valence fixed position is in 8300/m2.
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Area of north of the area austral this project cent two period development, outside having 3 15 layer board buildings except boreal area, the others all is 6 buildings. And first rolling out 90 square metre control two house, add up to 336, its building form is connected for 6 layer, Xiaogao board, north and south fully, it is the rare low density building outside 5 annulus dish project. In addition, still have a few 100 of the left and right sides that make the same score rice door model. Enter time to predict to be in 9 years by August, all valence fixed position is in 8300/m2.

Hope newly project is located in windward sail upstream, of spirit of ground of an outstanding personality inferior boreal area prosperous makes the same score 7 towns, be apart from Olympic Games village only 10 kilometers distance, adjacent city iron establishs water bridge station south. 426, 850, 836, 984 wait for many public transportation circuitry to go back and forth between the urban district, with the subway 13 5 lines, lines formed network of formation contemporary and stereo transportation together. In the meantime, beijing bear line of north of high speed, Beijing prosperous high speed, airport, road establishing soup, the person that let buy a house and world join quickly. A travel of the person that the high speed of 7 stars road, 5 annulus road, 4 annulus road, 3 annulus road, airport, road that decide Si makes buy a house is more quick, convenient, make you relaxed sit have expedite life.

In the meantime, kendeji, Mcdonald's, inferior boreal hot market, lukewarm Sha Jian of sports center of the village of water city, 9 Mount Hua, 10 thousand cities that amount to a shadow, Kang Yuan, grand clusters round personally circumjacent, when the quiet life of the person that let buy a house is not had, be absent. Conduct financial transactions of finance of the person that the financial orgnaization such as bank of industrial and commercial bank, Bank of China, construction, transportation bank, agriculture bank also can let buy a house gets the service of type of one continuous line.

In addition domestic Le Fu, 100 install supermarket of Tian Tongyuan of house, bazaar aing shady retreat on a green hill, Xidan bazaar to also surround circumjacent, branch department of fierce of announce of city of sun of together with Beijing, wang Fu combines traditional Chinese and Western medicine the hospital also was the person that buy a house to solve Medical Protection trouble back at home. And boreal mail is cent school, medium of the college such as play cent school garrison, gather all around, book sweet atmosphere is full-bodied, also make the person that buy a house enjoys excellent service to teach. A variety of profit on put together are good element, just make so the attention that once appear to cause the person that majority buys a house,looks at newly project and heat are held in both hands.

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