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East grandfather house in April open quotation all valence 23000 yuan / square m
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The project is located in east group of straight door trade and area of the 2nd diplomatic mission are handed in collect place, circumjacent region foreign trader gathers, business affairs atmosphere is grumous. Have fundamental situation.

Project by apartment of office building, business affairs, reach commercial composition, cover an area of 4200 smooth rice, total floor area 17413 smooth rice. The building is office building to the project, floor area of Na Dong whole makes an appointment with 11752.55 square metre, floor area of business of office building form a complete set is 2000 square metre, office building floor area is 9752.55 square metre, boreal side building is block of flats, floor area makes an appointment with 5660.49 square metre, on the ground 9, underground 2. Complete cast-in-place of main body ferroconcrete cuts structure of force wall frame. South building 3 it is office building to 9, one, 2 are commerce.

East grandfather house on April 19, 2008 open quotation, all valence 23000 yuan / square metre, clothbound is repaired, clothbound project cost is 2000 yuan / square metre left and right sides. Building type is apartment of investment service type, in all 103, door model the area is 48-142 square metre 0 house arrive two house, cubage is led 3.64, property expends 5.95 yuan / square metre / month, entered in December 2008.

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