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Hire of edifice of Tai Kangjin be in harmony: 290
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Hire of edifice of Tai Kangjin be in harmony: 290 yuan / month of smooth rice *

Investment business: Inc. of insurance of peaceful Kang Renshou

Project place: Horn of northeast of wide bridge of sunny area Beijing

Floor area: 60 thousand square metre

Connect a telephone call: 010-51660600 contact: Mo

Edifice of Tai Kangjin be in harmony, be located in horn of northeast of Beijing wide bridge, proximate east 3 annulus, the large building is 150 meters tall, on the ground 38, underground 3, extensive grand outstanding and bearing, transcendental international character and only the artistic atmosphere of beautiful elegance, make its become CBD to shine together again beautiful scenery. Edifice and CCTV lie between market phase to look, echo each other at a distance, the subway 10 lines Hu Jialou stands inside nonstop building, to enter cost of company spare liaison man. The high-grade business affairs that artistic text sets inside the edifice is met, space of dining-room of corridor of world top class red wine, high end, artistic activity, cigar, match well of Chinese and Western, unique.

Atmosphere of edifice periphery business affairs is full-bodied, apartment of cabinet of Wen Hua hotel of Chinese old hotel, Hong Kong, cypress Yue hotel, elegant poem, fine in wide hotel of apartment, Beijing, Li Ci blocks Er to pause day of trade of store of trade of hotel of hotel, 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers, nation, world rank, silver, all enjoy business affairs. The project is Beijing international center formerly a building, be bought by Inc. of insurance of peaceful Kang Renshou is whole, office building floor area makes an appointment with 60000 square metre, beginning to enrol business now.

Hire price: 290 yuan / month of smooth rice *

Hire explains: Contain property cost

Clean layer is tall: Rice of 2 meters of 7-2 9

Circumjacent form a complete set: Top class hotel, high-grade apartment, store, meeting exhibits a center to all arrive inside ten minutes. Store of trade of Chinese old hotel, nation, fine in hotel of center, capital wide center, Bai Yue, Li Ci blocks Er to wait for integrated bazaar suddenly: Country trade store, fine in the bank such as general merchandise of central traffic, first sun rays in the morning, Pacific Ocean general merchandise: Bank of bank of industrial and commercial bank, construction bank, the people's livelihood, an ancient name for China

Other: Street of bar of 3 lis of square of rich of sunny theater, grand, collect

Traffic situation: Public transportation circuitry: 3 annulus Hu Jialou stands east more than 30 public transportation circuitry can arrive, 801, 300, 113, special 3 wait, adjacent subway 10 lines

Equipment decorates: Floor of condole top, Bai Qiang, network

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