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New building of scene of Pearl River drive in June open quotation all valence 85
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Source of bridal chamber of scene of Pearl River drive 4 buildings and 6 buildings in June 2008 open quotation, all valence 8500 yuan / square metre. The project is located in hillock of cloud of inn of laborious of abundant stage warden, door model the area is 138 square metre entirely 3 house, cubage is led 1.5, property expends 1.8 yuan / smooth rice / month, predict to was entered 2009. Accepting intent to register at present

The project rolls out clothbound to repair at present show a house, for 6-11 layer board building, 1 ladder 2, door model the area is 160 square metre 3 house. Rolled out whole landscape large family in April model show a house, door model the area is 139, 159 square metre, all valence makes an appointment with 6500 yuan.

The project is located in southwest of inn of laborious of warden of Beijing abundant stage, face Beijing stone high speed closely exit of inn of laborious of Zhao of the first exit, area the condition is advantageous, traffic environment is easy. The project always is covered an area of it is 1400 mus about, program total floor area makes an appointment with 1.1 million square metre, head period total floor area is 270 thousand square metre.

Scene of drive of Pearl River · draws near according to hill water, the day becomes circumjacent and beautiful environment nature. Natural zoology belt is park of numerous country forest and Beijing on the west project spread out the natively blanket of a green, the hillock of cloud of guard of the tower that press down hillock that northern part imposing stands tall and upright takes treasure land, the arteries and veins austral the west hill and sweet hill a long time are right look, yan Chengjing takes geomantic your place on the west.

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