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Center of fine beauty fashion
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The project is located in position of portal of southeast of the axes in visitting capital, in the center of core of subject area visitting capital business affairs area. Situation is advantageous, toward east can receive city of winebibber bridge electron, westerly can receive Ya Yun Cun and the Olympic Games village that did not come, can receive area of palace of group of swallow Sha trade, sun and CBD southward, past north can amount to airport content to shed area and capital airport, traffic advantage is very clear.

The project always covers an area of about 5.5 hectare, in sight Beijing is opposite with greenbelt of two big cities in new town planning receive, in pay attention to a project specific use sex function while, project oneself uses nearly 150 meters building span, the program has 1.6 hectare community central greenbelt, exceed big greenbelt to enclothe rate, zoology of green gardens nature.

Center of fine beauty fashion is divided in all period development, at present first phase the 180 thousand high-grade apartment of smooth rice already was entered in the round in October 2006, 2 period it is by the combination of shopping centers of theme of office building of intelligence of hotel of high-grade apartment type, first class, fashion couplet body builds multi-purpose building, will roll out hotel of administrative office type, apartment, office building in succession at rising in April. Its shopping centers is project window, take the pattern that control oneself manages, the plan is made to hope Beijing area is high-grade the bibcock of shopping centers, already cooperated with famous business organization at present, predict to specific arrangements decided in June this year and be announced external.

Synthesis of ground mark sex will build

2006 up to now, each course Beijing arrives by the way An Shunna ave east the person that the mouth enters area visitting capital, metropolis Beijing be been located in is moved with a modena other mouth of across of An Shunna ave by the way, the building that has contemporary feeling extremely is attracted, and this still is in the Wang Jingjia in developing a process in the round namely beautiful fashion center. The fine beauty that finishs to the development after 2008 fashion center, will reach hotel of astral class private property in order to visit shopping center of office building of intelligence of first class of place of the yard up inside Beijing area, 5A, theme to build synthesis at the ground mark sex of an organic whole, present alive person before, at the appointed time, high-grade shopping centers lacks section visitting capital the current situation that break may because of fine beauty fashion center throws battalion to carry, and get complete change.

Be located in Beijing portal, sit have convenience liaison man

The area visitting capital that center of fine beauty fashion is in, be located in Beijing northeast horn, from development initiative after the development that is as long as more than 10 years up to now, a yard up with hope Beijing area had formed Beijing stage by stage the most mature lives, the business affairs, administration “ deputy city that is an organic whole central ” , in city of electron of circumjacent winebibber bridge, inferior abstruse area, group of swallow Sha trade, beautiful trade group, and airport content sheds what the area reachs capital airport to cluster round under, the positional day fadein of capital portal shows.
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