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Center of restful international banking
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The project is formal in October 2006 open quotation, enter formally in April 2008. Show whole already to sell. Denounce of restful in April 2007 insurance endowment 1.5 billion buy, predict to rolled out center of restful international banking in March 2008.

Center of restful international banking covers an area of 24195 ㎡, project total floor area 219351 square metre, on the ground 176860 square metre, underground makes an appointment with 42491 square metre, building height 147.5 meters, for Yan Sha business encircles top structure. The project reachs a Weisiting by office building of two international first class, fashionable mart hotel composition. The area faces what a side of 3 annulus road is 67600 square metre to exceed hotel of 5 stars class east, side is the 5A class office building of 90000 square metre on the west, the international that has nearly 30819 square metre additionally is famous the commercial area of brand brand shop. Subterranean garage sets 800 vehicles. At present hotel part already construction reachs on the ground 9, total already construction reachs office building, business the part on the ground.

Passageway of high speed of airport of project drawing near, a direct link subway of subterranean 10 lines, stereo traffic, convenient and quick. Two office building assume “L” perpendicular position locally in plane, on the ground 24, underground 3.

Center of restful international banking clear height of monolayer of 2.8 meters of above, 11-13. 5 meters are widened into deep, A odd layer ad hoc leaps office building the dimensional design such as a pattern, can improve work efficiency thereby.

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