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Dark clouds of city of Guangzhou office building building did not come loose par
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11 gold are periodic this year, the scene of Yun Shanxi scene in white cloud highway sees the reporter, ministry of carry out building sits full guest seeing a building. Likewise lively case also appears in garden of fine horse scene. What so these two dishes of place belong to is accrete achieve exhibit a chain of favourable activity was rolled out during the golden week, an afore-mentioned two dishes price already returned the standard that controlled 67 months last year about, city comes before attracting many old owner to taking kin friend.

Oriental new world 2 period the one large window that becomes city of building of the Milky way. When the reporter goes seeing a building, whole sale hall crowded visitor seeing a building. It is reported, this building dish price 1.3~1.5 10 thousand yuan / M2, add all sorts of privilege, minimum price is 11 thousand yuan about / M2, far under all valence 15 thousand yuan / the anticipation of M2 valence, because of the person that this attracted large quantities of buy line of business.

The flower is new open fight between factions of dish of low of “3” word head

During 11 golden weeks, building dish the most active, price war makes sales promotion the most miserable the should belong to big group to gather flower of intense board piece. Xin Panqi blessing is brilliant the stage makes public put on sale that day, hit “ surprise price 3500 yuan / M2 (semifinished product) the inviting advertisement of ” . The reporter sees in the spot, this building dish no matter be the example room, area that discharge date or autograph,make an appointment with an area to be seen building guest surrounded watertight.

With pray blessing brilliant stage belongs to the Guangzhou that is the same as area to keep benefit town, criterion with all valence 4600 yuan / M2, belt 1200 yuan / of M2 decorate standard open quotation; a capital is in a flower the city of harbor of gold of grail rich force east, criterion in order to take 1500 yuan / M2 is decorated, all valence 4000 ~ 4500 yuan / M2 is rolled out. Eliminate decorates cost, two dishes semifinished product price also is in only ” of “3 word head. Have buy the home to express, entering city to be not is to live oneself, consider however long term investment.

Flourishing of energy of life of new money person is old dish by oversight

These days, the reporter discovers through visitting, of flourishing of person energy of life is mostly a few new dish of new money, and the price made a callback apparently, basically, a few unit price are in new money of 12 thousand yuan of the following the city zone are new dish there is no lack of guest seeing a building sings the praises, suburb dish of can absorbing gas also is with in low price is given priority to. Divide this beyond, major secondhand goods is pushed newly and the price does not have privilege or adjust see oversight of building guest place for majority. This shows, buy the home sensitive to the height of the price be during bringing about the golden week, energy of life of building city person appears the crucial place of local get warm again after a cold spell.
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