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Beijing hires a room to trade the month on the price picks up
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I love “ of company of Beijing building intermediary the statistical data that research center of market of my home ” provides 3 days makes clear, september, the Beijing building market that rent clinchs a deal the volume rises 23.93% than August, hire of month of house of whole town every flatlet all valence is 2580 yuan, annulus comparing rises 0.90% , than last year 2263 yuan of the corresponding period rise 13.99% . City month of every flatlet house leases 8 areas all valence is 2654 yuan, than last year of annual rise in price 347 yuan, amplitude is 15.04% . Among them, common civilian small fall after a rise that rented the price to end a few months to appear curtilage, the moon on annulus comparing is small go up 0.51% . The renting price of the high-end market that rent appears stop drop a certain state, of the market of whole town high end that rent trade all valence is hire of month of every flatlet house 5051 yuan, relatively rose August 0.96% .

The building market that rent behaved the basis September, 3 large area are stage of the rising sun, Haidian, abundant as before trade the core of heat, 3 person clinch a deal the quantity holds whole town about 72.79% overall.

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