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City of Guangzhou office building building appears the most large-scale sales pr
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11 ” of “ National Day golden week is this year since the most large-scale building city sales promotion, development business people concentrated force quantity pushs bridal chamber, do one's best gains the market. Face the building city environment with complex numerous and complicated, is buying a house now to buy go up in half way up the mountain or copy a copy successfully? Whether is now the equal opportunity that buy a house? For this, reporter special interview Guangzhou real-estate expert, cold tung invests Han Shitong of general manager of advisory limited company (guest of Han Shitong rich, han world is the same as news, han Shitong says) , he thinks to be badly in need of housing having again bear the citizen of ability mights as well take a fancy to move, but investment sex perhaps buys large family a person of extraordinary powers curtilage buy the home to might as well wait a moment again, situation seeing Qing Dynasty buys a building again.

   Now is not to buy a house best opportunity

Reporter (“ of the following abbreviation writes down ”) : As the arrival of National Day golden week, guangzhou building city entered the most large-scale sales promotion schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater since this year, many buildings dish roll out substantially dozen lose privilege, claim in succession him building dish the price is “ exceeds ” of bamboo shoot price. You think from whole big environment looks, where is the inning that buys a building at present?

Han Shitong (Han of “ of the following abbreviation ”) : Buy the inning of the building, the case that I think to want to inspect the person that buy a house will distinguish. Bear to be badly in need of housing having again for the person of ability, at present inning of can yet be regarded as; But to investing a gender to buy a room to perhaps stem from improvement housing condition considers, for the person that still is not eager to buying a building at present, I feel may not buys the best opportunity of the room namely now.

For the person that buys a house to be eager to actually, when buying a house is inning. Photograph of price of near future house is compared the end of the year had more apparent adjustment last year, from local look, this one adjustment had reached the designated position actually in some area, right capable to have the person of need for, want the price to be able to reach his psychological price only, it is an inning that buys a house really at present. Can say, at present the state of whole Guangzhou has been the whole nation is better. Because take the lead in widely, greatly depreciating, through the adjustment of period of time, if can maintain,clinch a deal steadily quantity, hind market price case is possible also progressively hasten is firm. Look from the whole nation, at present the city such as Shanghai, Beijing just undertakes the first round adjustment, and we had passed this one level.
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