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Grow before the holiday 5 days to sell 23 flatlet
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Still two days of 11 golden weeks will end, the number that provides according to real estate of Nanjing net main rooms shows, up to yesterday afternoon 5: 00, house of commodity of before the golden week 5 days of Nanjing clinchs a deal the capacity is only 23. Wait-and-see mood does not decrease the person that buy a house, make many development business a little impatient, pass sales promotion of mobile phone short message desperately.

I had received “ today 8 buildings dish sales promotion information. ” Nanjing citizen Mr Lv took out a mobile phone to the reporter, room arrive from apartment villatic. He is pointing to a when just receive to be located in a river the Lou Panan on the west accuses pair of reporters to say, this building dish information comes everyday almost. Mr Wang says, oneself had had a house, get these buildings often dish information, the feeling is very irritated.

“ wants to buy a house originally, after but receive these,Lou Panxin ceases, feel likely to floor price still can fall instead. ” and king gentleman are different, ms. Liu withheld the information that receives during the golden week one by one come down, she says, since develop business to send message often, building of so affirmative specification dish bad to sell, if be waited a moment again, the price still has concession. Accordingly the plan of Ms. Liu is, after waiting for the golden week, go to these hitting again advertising building dish make an on-the-spot investigation one time on the spot, have the appropriate skill after returning counter-bid again.

Range of “ hair short message is wide, but actually the effect also does not calculate big, be a sales promotion method only. ” a building dish sale chief inspector says to the reporter, september building dish the sale does not have big improvement, to “ silver because of this company 10 ” expressed great expectations, actual condition has certain difference with expect however, because this big range ground searchs lodger, also save oneself with respect to what became end of golden week drawing near law.

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