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Report of company division courtyard gives heat: Estate ought not to become econ
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Courtyard of Chinese company division goes to beautiful investigation group to released a report to think a few days ago, the sort of height depended on real estate to pull in the past use the economic growth, method that regards local government as main income source gold of land sell one's own things especially, may screwy local government is in economic developing action, cause a society to contradict even this report is very seasonable. Really, our country is existing serious dependence real estate pulls the appearance that uses economic growth. Current, our country economy is added fast put delay, a main reason is decline of house property investment. No matter the government is willing to admit, our country estate has become the main force that or so economy grows. Estate serves as the “ with technical few content to change ” industry hollowly, be regarded as by local government unexpectedly the pillar property that economy grows, this is what kind danger!

Imagine very hard, one has the big country of enough competition ability, power in the world, its rise abruptly those who lean is not science and technology, industrial, education, build however in alleged “ the whole people all the “ prosperity of room ” is flourishing on ” . The United States before pillar industry is railroad, iron and steel, oil, plane and automobile manufacturing industry, now is spaceflight, Information Industry. Japan is to rely on car, electron, optics and computer industry to lay foundation of world economy second, realized a country to revive. And our country is the real estate that claims development business to be wealthy person “ to build house ” only regarded as however pillar industry, and real pillar estate is ignored instead. Can real estate make Chinese economy realizes “ to you can develop ” continuously? Apparent cannot.

Real estate makes pillar industry, be impossible to make Chinese economy realizes “ to be able to develop ” continuously. Regretful is, to maintain the growth of finance income, a few local government still are in bright in dark li of help development business.

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