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House price rises drop to confuse
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Room city, it is one of topics that common people cares most forever. At present, “ hits the ” that fold wind, “ to depreciate of wet ” say roiling on with full force. Ever counted money to count the development business with procurable soft hair 2007 people, have to house price why view, consistent?

SOHO Pan Shige (guest of Pan Shige rich, pan Shige news, pan Shige says)

Opinion on public affairs: “9 removes ‘ 1 days month to go against city ’ to rise in price ”


The action: To coming loose door bright go up, dark to large family fold

The Pan Mingshe of not little building when the capital is dark during buckling, pan Shige gives breathtaking signal again: His subordinate SOHO China project should be in overall raised price on September 1, rise in price extent is 5% .

On September 18 afternoon, pan Shige makes guest people net, say in order to indicate ” of passion of “ Pan type follows broad netizen glibly: SOHO is to rise in price absolutely, we dare rise in price namely. That day afternoon, the reporter will to selling office of SOHO of 3 lis of collect undertake dark visit. After a flicker, carry out building member admit eventually, from July 19 since open quotation, this building dish went up only 1% . And the reporter discovered a secret again on the sale price form in block of flats of SOHO of 3 lis of collect: There is “2008 on all tariff year on September 1 the model of written characters of ” , previously how many money, press a root not to know, also look not to come out to rise in price. And every apartment tagged the price after folding and cost price. Lump-sum payment is 94% (9.4 fold) ; Mortgage loan to be 98% (9.8 fold) .

The owner of the personage inside course of study and SOHO tells a reporter, the price changes of SOHO is “ to coming loose door bright go up, dark to big client fold ” . If big client buys whole, that discount is very considerable.

10 thousand Feng Lun (guest of rich of Feng logical sequence, news of Feng logical sequence, feng Lun says)

Opinion on public affairs: Big wrist of “ real estate should learn pig adamancy ”


The action: Change sadly do “ model run run ”

This year in July, the landed “ that Feng Lun of chairman of bureau of director of 10 thousand groups published him again special path ” : Below current situation, real estate big wrist people in wanting to learn an earthquake, be buried the ” of “ pig adamancy that 36 days of miracles survive, even if thin body also should survive tenaciously come down, when the liberation army (government) arrival.

The reporter comes at present 10 thousand banners leave new town of “ of Lou Pantian ferry (guest of new city rich, new city news, new city says) international ” is dark visit. Selling office sell at a discount in order to swing greatly for end. The personage inside course of study is evaluated so: &Although Ldquo; throws tail, such discount is solid also belong to scarce. ” occupies reporter investigation, the house of 1.3 million can be saved actually below ten. Run for a long time a few reporters of estate mouth disclose, a lot of estate business are going method is hit fold sell a house, dare not place however bright depreciate namely. Their main worry is the owner that early days buys a house, be afraid of the trouble that causes on 10 thousand divisions. “ Feng Lun so essence of life, do for certain model run, is not pig adamancy. ”
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