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Estate is changed do not be equal to a city to change
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“ Beijing Tiananmen Square is the common sense that the ─ of the biggest square ” ─ on the world once kept this in schoolbook, when becoming the past already nowadays, “ world is the greatest square record ” is ceaseless by home each new big square place is surmounted. It is early 5 years ago, liaoning is mid a small town moves center of prefectural government administration old suburban the new site with a few far kilometers, take up big farmland, newly-built big square area achieves 460 thousand square metre, still give 20 thousand much square metre greatly than Tiananmen Square; Zhengzhou town is visited in Henan, build in the courtyard of government of a district have building of a few office, still have east lake, west lake, always cover an area of on the area 1000 mus of ……

In a series of cities such as big square, big driveway, old building construction is driven with great quantity below, new round of motion that build a wall is developing flourishingly in each district, “×× new city (guest of new city rich, new city news, new city says) ” is in a few cities are high-key cry piece. Half moon talks about the discovery in reporter investigation, a few cities quicken a city to change process ” to be cover with “ , start the enlarge city, campaign that build a wall greatly, extensive type takes up a large number of land, wasteful phenomenon is amazing, its harm violates the incident that use the land than Chan Zong more abominable.

   “ creates roiling on with full force of motion of ” of city ” , “ enlarge city


Reforming and opening comes 30 years, the city influences the growth that witnessed Chinese economy with industrialized process. Introduce according to highway of land of academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the city of our country changes a standard already 17.9% from 1978, rise 39.1% 2002. Reach same level, england spent 120 years, the United States spent 80 years, japan 30 old, and we used 22 years only.

The city of advance rapidly changes a course in, land wastes a phenomenon to be highlighted increasingly. Half moon talks about a reporter to investigate understanding to arrive, the last few years comes, each district builds campaign of city, enlarge city blindly to have the power that grow in intensity.

Northeast area south city of a center, put forward to make target of big city of ten million population, give “ in develop of thing north and south ” of space of 4 great progress:  gnaws kilometer of square of?03 of divinatory symbols of Mei of  of Biao of  of  of Mei Weiran Fen of  of abb copy  ; Industrial a covered corridor or walk is made western, program area 850 square kilometer, gross area of program of southern new the city zone 1400 square kilometer; Gross area of program of upper new developed area 1098 square kilometer. The program gross area of space of 4 great progress is kilometer of 3500 much square, be equivalent to old the city zone 10 multiple, although deduct the limits using the land such as agriculture, life, the blame that need takes up farming construction also exceeds old the city zone with ground area multiple.
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