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Shenzhen office building future of the most astringent phase arrives building to
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The 10 thousand divisions end August depreciate in Shanghai, start building city a great disturbance. Traditional busy season is coming, arrive from development business however cast all do not value this “ Jin Jiuyin all right 10 ” . Did not relax as a result of policy evidence, building city may be returned will continue because of “ anaemic ” be issued to lower levels.

Develop business: Depreciate sales promotion with steam again capital

By August, 10 thousand inflict “ of Shanghai are greeted the name of ” leaves 8 mansions to the banner mid-autumn dish all fronts depreciates. Meanwhile, hangzhou, Ning Bo and Nanjing and other places, also come out in succession building of 10 thousand families dish depreciating message. Be the first as 10 thousand divisions barefaced hold a memorial ceremony for gives “ to depreciate old standard ” , new building dish the sale begins to present spreading potential.

To this, accrete achieve exhibit group vice-chairman Xiang Bin (guest of Xiang Bin rich, xiang Bin news, xiang Bin says) (guest of Xiang Bin rich, xiang Bin news, xiang Bin says) express: “ current sale is slower, almost every enterprise is eager to steam again capital, how many metropolis depreciates. It is most meeting uses a few recessive methods as far as possible only, unlike 10 thousand divisions so do sth on a large scale. ”

And the constant ground that appears on the market in Hong Kong carries out trustee Xie Yingzhi to also point out, the sales promotion of depreciation of traditional busy season that develops business not less to be about to take the advantage of 10 ” of “ Jin Jiuyin, if can increase sales volume, the city after believing will be Anacreontic change, reason future the moment of truth that two months are building city.

   Should not appear landed company closes down wet

Depreciate to what estate develops business lift, the international that build silver studies Yan Weihong represents an executive trustee, sell building difficulty, right medium or small land agent constitutes circulating fund pressure, it is difficult to do not eliminate partial finance estate business or considerably convert into money. Nevertheless, because landed asset has price from beginning to end, believe to won't appear landed company closes down wet, estate company material just sells the asset on the hand is covered now.

He points out, did not appear now national depreciation is current, it is bureau be confined to only individual building dish. Nevertheless, when sales promotion of depreciation of partial land agent, other development business follows only or cause dominoes effect. The exact key point that buy the home sees building value go from bad to worse, dare not enter town, aggravate building city exhausted situation lasts.

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