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Nanjing citizen buys a room to be able to enjoy governmental subsidy
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According to " Yangtse Evening Post " report, begin from yesterday, nanjing citizen buys room aux will be able to to enjoy governmental subsidy quite formally.

According to each building dish offerred number shows, new politics after releasing, the person that place buys a house asks generally to defer an autograph to restrict time, in order to procrastinate to October 1 in order to enjoy governmental subsidy.

The reporter in interviewing discovers, to taking the allowance that buy a house what to have specific requirement and condition, many citizens are not clear still, the staff member that has some of selling office even also explains not clear. To this, the personage expresses related bureau of Nanjing city house property, if arrive from October 1, 2008 between September 30, 2009,must buy room, lot contract, and the contract wants proof of course ancient bronze mirror. What need an attention additionally is, card of property right of commodity room house is handled before the person that buy a house still must want to be by December 2012, taking property right testimony while offer subsidy, if miss the time that get card, the room fills to will hit water to float.

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