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Xin Hongji is about to make over partial project
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Current, real estate of Hong Kong Xinhong radical already made over partial project of purpose. In the meantime, claim to will be in 2008 all the time the Hong Kong land agent such as the new world real estate of extensive investment and constant radical real estate is in inland outback project also is attributed to calm, delicacy has big movement.

Xin Hongji is removed endowment

Be in early July, xinhong radical real estate expresses publicly in Shanghai: “ predicts 2010, the total investment to inland will rise to 30% of group total assets. ” it is reported, according to the program before this, this investment of 30% is in main concentration Beijing, Shanghai, wide, deep the second line city with 4 big cities and main part. [outspread read: Xinhong radical Guangzhou already cast 10 billion concerned controller to say to be opposite east the tower has fun at]

Nevertheless, the analyst points out, from the point of the development strategy this year, xin Hongji is to be in actually the project that compresses the ground inside ceaselessly, at the same time other land agent is in extend outback project respect to also have no great progress.

Public data shows, xin Hongji already was removed actually endowment Guangzhou on the west tower, made over Chengdu project, exit Shenzhen old city to transform, abandon Guangzhou east tower contest is cast wait for great inland to invest a project.

To this, bud of analyst accord with of real estate of standard general Er thinks, “ is apparent, it is very careful that Xin Hongji is returned in outback act, below present market situation, xin Hongji chose taut battle line. ”

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