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Business of house property development is hit publicly fold " fight hand-to-hand
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  The price considerably bright fall

Develop the building that send dealer with this anteroom dish dozen fold with special offer room, send decorate wait to covert silently dozen fold different, have numerous development business this free airing of views is clear dozen fold.

A development is being written before Trade Fair stage greatly “ONSALE (dozen fold) ” model of written characters; The building inside another core dish the indulgence price that hits a 8-8.5 to fold; Pudong core first floor dish mention expressly one room of “ indulgence 160 thousand, 2 rooms indulgence 460 thousand, 3 rooms indulgence 400 thousand ” . Treasure mountain of 10 thousand divisions manages a building dish give out this head pay of 180 thousand considerably discount advertisement, be equal to unit price 10 thousand yuan / square metre, before comparing this 12 thousand yuan / the sale price of square metre is adjacent hit 8 fold.

   Sell ” of room “ fight hand-to-hand fight

As the difficulty that buy a house taller and taller, business of sale of linkage of hand of just a little, development a building dish undertake means is used already extensively dividing selling waiting, this makes the pattern of building city sale this year more similar at cut and thrust. Actually, in the sale process in the past, had appeared because contend for,a few cent sell intermediary grab passenger source and boxing foot is additional occasion.

Be in nevertheless exhibit meeting site, although develop business use all over skill, but depreciate day after day it seems that already trice the appetite of the person that see a room, a lot of people state the price still does not have its psychology price, wait-and-see and the person buy a house that waits to continue to depreciate is absent a few.

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