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The United States 850 billion yuan save city newly to plan senatorial reach a st
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Emperor day does not lose an observant and conscientious person, the “ that is denied in accident of Boule of United States Congress two days ago history on the biggest ” saves dimensions city plan, beijing time 2 days 9 when pass with high bank note when congress senate votes. The key of “ promising ” added two content namely, spend financial rescuing specified amount from 700 billion dollar promotion comes 850 billion dollar. The green light that senate shines, make the ” of Boule “ second ballot that is booked local time 3 days to undertake becomes a key one wrestle.

Candidate of two parties president cast ay

Before two days are when Boule is voting, the plan that help city ever the poor cherish with 23 tickets is defeated. Was in yesterday nevertheless senatorial, argue through 3 hours, after 2 hours poll, “ upgrades edition ” saves city to plan to obtain overwhelming advantage ———74 however: 25. Candidate of Aobama, vice president makes an appointment with · of Bei Lake of candidate of president of the Democratic Party candidate of president of party of republican of · Bai Denghe makes an appointment with husband of a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument writing brush · Mai Kaien all casts ay.

The plan that help city why is “ east not bright western bright ” ? Congress the formation of two courtyards the mechanism is a main reason. With “ lieutenancy 2 years, at the expiration of one's term of office reelects entirely the representative of ” is different, senatorial lieutenancy 6 years, reelect 2 every years only 1/3. This makes they can have a balance better in short-term profit and long-term interests respect when poll, get election year the interference of other factor is lesser.

Of course, save city to plan the most crucial factor of “ promising ” , still upgrade in the modification ———“ after be thwarted the provision that edition ” specially increased two to consider for average taxpayer.

It is the protection that increased pair of depositor firstly. For instance the upper limit of amount of insurance of will federal deposit raises 250 thousand dollar by current 100 thousand dollar. That is to say, in case occurrence bank goes broke, will more depositor can enjoy “ to protect this ” rights and interests. This can avoid appearance of ” of occurrence “ a run on a bank greatly.

It is to add the measure that reduce tax secondly. Content of the clause that reduce tax is specific include: Increase those who be aimed at enterprise and rustic school to decrease tax measure; Replace sexual minimum tax to exceed the 20 million person that income waits in the name to absolve; In frequency by city and Louisiana city the center-west region of natural disaster, Dekesasi is carried out amount the duty-free measure of 8 billion dollar.
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