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Lou Panming of Jinan office building hits reckon the actual amount after a disco
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“ classics 10 east the building of the road dish dozen folded, every square metre 5300 yuan, cost price 6000 much, hit 9 fold ” , “ I just bought a house over, 6200 one square buys, spent 60 much, still be less than a month, depreciated so quickly, I must look. ” is the closest, in Jinan city such leaving a message often can see on forum of sth resembling a net of earth mat of one family belongs.

Build according to Jinan city appoint system of house of the carry out on the net shows, since September, jinan building city trades the quantity glides all the way, the “ Jin Jiuyin on meaning of estate market tradition 10 ” scene no longer. Face what glide ceaselessly to trade quantity, provincial capital building dish begin those who roll out different level to hit fold activity of sales promotion privilege, many buildings dish hit 8 fold, the 9 privilege that lose, the advertisement of ” of ” of room of “ special offer, “ substantial room is not rarely seen also, provincial capital building dish reside the price “ that does not fall high firm ice ” begins to melt.

   The allowance that buy a house 10 thousand yuan of home appliance

“ classics all the way building dish send four great gifts, buy house allowance 15000 yuan of home appliance, we look at the same place. ” citizen Sun Ming stands tell to work in the same place, “ plans to marry this year, but the house still does not have assured source, did not think of to be entered September, it is dozen of house that loses privilege everywhere, I this holiday should see a room well. ”

Many citizens have same think of a way with Mr Sun, work in insurance company firm Wang Yun of a year and male friend also prepare National Day holiday to go “ cleans out room ” . Wang Yun expresses, since “9 month, the house price of Jinan can be to fall really, you see these buildings dish hit lose privilege. ” is in the building of Ms. Wang statistic dish dozen fold information to go up, basically all buildings dish hitting fold.

The reporter calls much home building subsequently dish sale center understands, almost all buildings dish rolled out ” of room of “ special offer, have dozen break favourable news. Provincial capital western a building dish staff member introduction, house price all valence is controlled in 6000 yuan, national Day rolls out a part to show a house definitely, have price every square metre 4580 yuan, this price is very likely. Still have a few buildings dish buying a room to hit the base that lose to go up to be returned again return 10 thousand yuan of ready money, link a car also half price.

   Avoid as taboo depreciate to return a house because of be afraid of onlyThe reporter interviews discovery, provincial capital all buildings dish have dozen fold, send a car wait for a series of favourable activities with basement, favourable extent is in more the 10% less than of house price, individual Lou Panda arrives 15% , some arrives even 20% .
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