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Chinese room city who advocate ups and downs: Outside Or needing inside, need to
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During just when domestic estate market just begins to leave,blame reason flourishs, the room in was being transmitted a few days ago assist the message that leader of the State Council of submit a written statement to a higher authority asks policy helps city. So, without giving thought to in room assist whether can be the proposal of submit a written statement to a higher authority adopted, we should make clear a of Hunan serious problem is above all, how many actual demand still still lies in the move that prop up after all the domestic house city of " of tall " water level? " of moisture of how many " is there still after all in outside needing to mix inside room city, needing? If inside outside needing, need still bullish, so the possibility that policy helps city soars; Conversely, if demand continues to rebuke, so help city will still of no help or at the thing profitless.

Do not have a person to be able to be denied, a when Chinese house price soares in recent years main reason is the add fuel to the fire of abroad idle fund. Investigate its purpose, it is to fry the pass on after tall house price to gain profit mostly, minority is to buy the sit back and wait after property to appreciate. Apparent, these external demand are clear major can classify is a spec kind. However, inchoative have the power that grow in intensity greatly at present at western banking crisis of the United States, on one hand, the fluidity that brings about as a result of the crisis is nervous, the first job of abroad idle fund ought to be to return to the mother's body, ensure the mother's body overshoots peacefully the crisis; On the other hand, in economic globalization increasingly thorough today, financial crisis brings about world economic situation to worsen continuously of late, include burgeoning economy system to world economy because of this idle fund anticipate all relatively pessimistic, their abroad and congenial behavior is undoubted also more will careful.

Although international economy environment produced great change already, nevertheless, regard traditional development as the main measure of local economy, attract foreign capital at present to remain a few places a key works. Little imagine, in those foreign capital that speak with a lot of and favourable policy, having is the name that making industrial investment partly quite and it is strong estate however essentially congenial and come, and, in the idle fund of " of these " try to palm off sth. inferior to what it purports to be, still have many it is domestic fund go by way of abroad and those who come is false foreign capital. Those who make a person gratified is, these false foreign capital had caused vigilance, a lot of local government are making more perfect superintendency way, with reducing the afflux of false foreign capital as far as possible.

Look, no matter be actual share or false part, the external demand of room city will show descendent sign.

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