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Develop warm town of new rule of business collective sales promotion
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“ keeps a copy 120% counter-purchase villa of ” , “ 2988 yuan / square metre ” , “ buys a room to send milk cow ”…… 11 ” of “ grow a holiday this year, many 50 building of Nanjing dish cry out sells a house. It is to come for years at the same time rarely seen collective sales promotion, it is the “ that before be being driven in long holiday, comes on stage at the same time ” of new rule of 20 warm city, the person that buy a house meeting show respect for?

Just passed at 2 o'clock on September 29 afternoon, a selling office in front of that opens grail newly wears Jiang Ning 78 wait enter the person buying a house that sees a room. The salesperson expresses, because many people already gathered inside the selling office, must control staff rate entering the arena so. Listen to the security personnel outside field to say, the head began to queue up with respect to somebody a day afternoon, return somebody to be in date selling a house, “ number of a room is good hundreds of yuan. ”

Those who draw the person that buy a house basically is this building dish low. Building dish execute 85 lose a sale, semifinished product of every square metre all valence is controlled 4700 yuan only, under price of prices branch nucleus square metre of nearly 3000 yuan of / . The price-list that the spot announces still shows, if,pay seasonable, still can be in 85 fold besides enjoy certain discount again, convert comes down, border of one flatlet seed can be hit nearly 8 fold, the semifinished product room of a 90 square metre, total prices comes forward 400 thousand yuan only. A few people that buy a house tell the spot the reporter, they are river peaceful place live oneself the person that buy a house, 4489 yuan price is them can susceptive.

Walk through growing what the holiday comes a few days dish, reporter discovery, like this building dish same price has the building that reduces apparently dish, person energy of life compares flourishing, but the sale did not appear from this however rebound. The building that like Jiang Ning this cost price sells dish, in developing the 479 flatlet source that business rolls out this, only 100 room sources that come forward by subscribe, among them the source of room of low total prices that great majority controls for 90 square metre. According to before the general point of view inside course of study looks, sale of source of the room when open quotation should achieve 70% or so ability to calculate ideal, and this building dish the sale rate that hits a low to also only 25% is control, instantly building city is wait-and-see firm ice this shows one spot. And those depreciate the building with finite sincerity dish, sell how with respect to prep let alone.

Real estate of Nanjing net main rooms showed city of these days building in real time become friendship condition, still be “ apparently dejected ” : Subscribe of house of commodity of whole on September 29 town 105, clinch a deal 0; On September 30 subscribe 143, clinch a deal 18; Even if is this city begins to carry out “ to buy what the room sends allowance ” on October 1, quantity of whole town subscribe also does not cross 99, clinch a deal 0; On October 2 up to afternoon 4:45, subscribe and clinch a deal to all be “0” actually!
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