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Development business sales promotion urges hot golden week hard
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City of building of holiday of 11 golden weeks already pulled open heavy curtain, like developing business to seem to had discussed ahead of schedule, collective casts an inviting advertisement, preparation is hit turn over battle. Some development business use during open quotation 9.7 lose sales promotion, attend an activity to give all the way such as valence privilege, pull open manner to prepare to sell more in this golden week give some of room. The golden week has gone several days, the building city of insular city after all how? The reporter investigated discovery recently, holiday building city as expected violent wind of person energy of life rises, but the condition that “ treats to buy little ” more is done not have how old change, “ had favourable ” to become the pet phrase of the person that this holiday buys a house sadly, show the wait-and-see sentiment with the strong person that buy a house. About the expert the analysis thinks, at present insular city citizen buys the “ of state of mind of the room to get terrible ” calmly, look so that many ” says or state with certainty by “ only building city get warm again after a cold spell is still early.

■ sales promotion big fight

Development business casts an inviting advertisement

Golden week around, facing ” of “ holiday economy this inviting cake, like developing business to seem to had discussed ahead of schedule, collective casts an inviting advertisement to prepare to hit turn over battle, at least many 20 estate developed business to make ad on each media. “ no matter how, taking the advantage of this opportunity to advertise, the purpose attracts more clients to come round to look around namely, as to Maibumaina it is other one thing, after all building dish unlike other goods, consumer does not seek advice from the building that sees 5 above dish be to won't draw out money. Miss Yang that spot of garden of peak of ” drive scene sells tells a reporter. During 11 golden weeks of “ , fan Li faces sale center to visit the person that seek advice, all good manners photograph sends. ” this is the inviting advertisement that business of a development goes to attract a client to hit. To this, the chief explanation that develops business says: We are opposite “ oneself building dish very self-confident, will give us the chance of the sale, we can give a client a surprise. ” reporter interviews understanding to arrive, business of not little development thinks 10 ” of “ silver are this year what estate sells is exclusive one battles greatly, because business of this a lot of development is early,laid this one opportune moment, push new dish, get sales promotion the slightest amount or degree not dare laches.

   ■ clinch a deal the quantity is little

Those who see a room is much those who draw out money is very few
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