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National Day office building building dish confused moves low quoted price consi
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Building city enters first golden week after adjusting to get attention fully. The reporter follows bureau of canal of room of Guangzhou city land to be in yesterday Pearl River new city (guest of new city rich, new city news, new city says) ) make one's rounds dish investigation discovery, spot person energy of life although relatively last year 11 ” of “ the golden week is weaker, but still wait for person of Xiaohuang gold week to enrage flourishing than the Mid-autumn Festival. Major citizen seeing a building thinks, at present floor price has not been adjusted reach the designated position, won't move to buy a house during the golden week. Interesting is, some bank organized a group to buy “ to help development business sell a building ” .

As we have learned, during 11 ” of “ , total supply of Guangzhou commodity house exceeds 40 thousand, than this year 51 ” of “ increase to be become much. And amount of urban new money decreases than last year 2 into the left and right sides, many buildings dish move low quoted price considerably, in an attempt to is attracted live oneself buy course of study person.

   Partial building dish depreciate actively sales promotion

As we have learned, this year during 11 ” of Guangzhou “ , commodity house total supply exceeds 40 thousand. Spend among them area supply is the largest, it is a Yu area and white cloud area next. In total supply, have 23 thousand new money about, among them the urban district 11 thousand, decreased last year compared to the same period 2 into.

Provide bureau data according to room of Guangzhou city land, assembly of house of Guangzhou skill commodity paid an amount August 660 thousand square metre, clinch a deal all valence is 9078 yuan, continued the volume raises price firmly small drop go situation. 11 ” of “ building of golden week share dish will depreciate actively sales promotion, in addition of urban periphery clinch a deal circumstance change flexibility is the biggest. Especially certain building dish of concentration board piece likelihood start shooting price war, the hope compares the person that allow buy trade for many times to move to buy a house through sexual price.

   Floor price did not arrive price of the psychology that buy the home

The reporter sees in the spot yesterday, attendant look dish the person is angry relatively flourishing, wait for circumstance of Xiaohuang gold week to be close friends than the 51 ” of “ before this, the Mid-autumn Festival. In Pearl River new city on the west Ou Mou dish, young lady of carry out building expresses, as a result of this dishes door model the design is in located area is rarer be short of, still plan will current all valence 26 thousand yuan / a percent is moved on the price of square metre. But last morning 11 when, the spot still does not have client presence.
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