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Autumn wind: The government saves room city to need reason and order
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Nanjing municipal government came on stage a few days ago " the opinion that stabilizes healthy progress about maintaining estate market " , set among them, since October 1, buy 90 square metre the following bridal chamber, secondhand room, offer house money total the subsidy of 1% ; Exceed the person that this is counted, offer house money total the subsidy of 0.5% .

In all fairness, although allowance forehead is equivalent to a building hitting only 99 fold, but policy intent of the government already very apparent, if place of caption of red head file says, “ maintains estate market to stabilize development ” .

Indeed, contemporary government has the responsibility that maintains macroscopical economic stability, although economics discusses this one responsibility of administration only normally, but be in instantly China, the government has powerful control power to economy, consequently, economic activity presents a quite obvious place to break up colour. Below this kind of circumstance, local government takes certain step, stable so called place is macroscopical economy, appear to avoid hard.

Consequently, the problem is not Nanjing municipal government can help city, the reason that moves to help city at present however is sufficient, and, of these measure came on stage to whether take reasonable decision-making course.

Above all, at present Nanjing, and the position that whether the room city of whole country reached to need a government to move to be saved? Any reasonable people admit, came a few years in the past, chinese room city experienced unbalanced prosperity, building value is serious by overmeasure, element stimulation is waited a moment to fall in bubble of inflation, asset, spec, building value is serious deviate is common of the people bear level. Right now, the market already unbalance, also namely, the interest participates in the degree that the allocation of each square interest had reached to make market itself cannot run normally. Pass only adjust, the market ability is recoverable balanced.

The room city since this year is beginning it seems that experience adjusts a process so. Without doubt, such adjustment the process can bring anguish to certain benefit relative, for instance estate develops business profit to drop, governmental revenue decreases accordingly. But, experience such adjustment only, all sorts of resource ability conduce to the market forward the direction with the interest balanced implementation that the market participates in each undertakes configuration afresh.

Present problem is, is current room city adjusted whether already sufficient? Apparent, estate develops business to think the adjustment of room city is already enough, need government helps city instantly. But, at least administration, central bank, most expert does not think so it seems that.

The government of a certain number of cities agreed with Nanjing city etc it seems that the opinion of estate development business, feel current market situation had arrived to need the room for action that the government moves to be saved immediately. A lot of people suspect, hold such view, because,be really, the increase that local government develops a career to go up in estate is too huge, local government and estate development have close interest relationship between business.
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